If left untreated, the pine exterior will blacken over time.  If this is not the type of look you want for your unit, the exterior can be treated with a stain or linseed oil mixed with varsol.  The exterior should be treated at least every three years to maintain the desired appearance.  We offer a wide array of exterior colour stains for you to choose from. Our preferred stain is Sikkens SRD RE which is a reduced emissions stain.

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Screened single pane windows can be added for $65 per window you decide on the placement of all doors and windows.

Other options include shingled roofing, vinyl siding, kiln-dried dutch lapping, kiln dried log style pine siding, full log, tin siding, ramps, insulated exterior doors including patio doors, double pane windows, insulated flooring, 7/16" OSB, insulated interior walls, insulated ceiling, finished flooring, interior walls and ceiling.  Pricing available upon request.

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All of our units are built on pressure treated skis.  As a result, they are portable, easy to place, airflow under the unit is increased, thereby extending life expectancy as the unit never makes direct contact with the ground.  Expensive ground preparation is not required, generally, all that is needed is a gravel base or 12" x 12" patio stones can also be used as a base.  If you have to obtain a building permit, please check with your local municipality to see what they require for the site preparation as this may differ from one municipality to another.


Our sheds come standard with one-inch thick pine board and batten siding, coloured tin roofing, affixed with tin screws, plywood flooring, pressure treated skis and two sets of pine double doors or one set of pine double doors and a single person pine door.  We also include house wrap in all of our sheds. In addition, our mini-cottages also come standard with a four-foot porch and three screened single pane windows.

Our tin roofing comes in a variety of colours that include, but are not limited to, Black, Brown, Green, Blue, Red, Grey, White and Galvanized.  Please follow the attached link to view the colour chart. Once on the site choose Technical and then colour chart. 


All of our sheds meet the requirements of the Ontario Building Code and we can provide you with professionally prepared drawings for building permit requirements.


Generally the unit will be ready for delivery within approximately 3 weeks from the date we receive a deposit. However seasonal demand and unforeseen circumstances may delay deliveries.   We deliver to various areas in Ontario and Western Quebec.  We deliver to many local areas free of charge, please inquire about delivery rates.